Ayahuasca a drink with a strong cleansing, healing & visionary effect

This drink has been used ceremonially for thousands of years as a medicine for the mind and body by the people of the Amazon region. Ayahuasca has a strong cleansing, healing and visionary effect. Madre Ayahuasca (Mother Ayahuasca) is often spoken of, because many people experience the energy of Ayahuasca as a loving and feminine energy.

The active ingredients of the ingredients are dimethyltryptamine (DMT, a substance produced by the body) and monoamine oxidase enzyme inhibitor (an MAO inhibitor).

When using Ayahuasca, your state of consciousness changes, making your inner perception very strong. You gain access to deeper layers of your consciousness, making it possible to reflect in a very intense way on yourself and on your life until now. This goes deeper than the average therapy, because during your journey things can reveal themselves that you were not or could not be aware of. What you have so far assumed to be true may just turn out to be very different.

Ayahuasca is a medium to get in touch with other 'worlds' and enables you to communicate yourself, so there is interaction. What you communicate with manifests itself in shapes, colors, patterns, entities, worlds, energies or combinations of these.

The moment you drink Ayahuasca and enter the visuals, it's like a gate opens. You will be taken to places you have never encountered before. Here you can undergo a transformation process that comes about based on the intention you plan for the journey.

An Ayahuasca journey can manifest itself in endless ways. Sometimes in a mainly emotional way, sometimes physically, sometimes mentally and other times very visionary where you can really travel to various places. mping), physical pain, reduced resistance and a greater chance of illness.

Optimal health can only be created through the combination of a healthy mind, a healthy body and a healthy social environment. Ayahuasca fully recognizes the connection between body, mind and environment. Ayahuasca is a fantastic therapeutic drug that can have tremendous positive effects on your life.

Every human being has a self-healing ability, emotionally, mentally and physically. The self-healing ability can be tapped to heal our old wounds, traumas, disappointments and negative patterns.

Ayahuasca is the key to your soul. It brings you in touch with spiritual experiences. This gives you life lessons, visions, telepathic contact with living or deceased souls, clairvoyance and life lessons about yourself.

Complete surrender to the experience itself is what makes healing possible. All you have to do during the journey is allow what happens. Often unhealed pieces of our past reveal that we have always repressed. By completely surrendering to ayahuasca is what really heals us, that is what gives us true strength, life force from within. Going through the pain is the only way to true healing

Inner-journey helps you find your soul again, with ayahuasca and other therapeutic methods. It is a powerful method to let go, to heal and to become who you really are.

We use it to come to know and recognize ourselves, see our barriers that keep us from living freely, and convert the barriers into powerful usable energy to express ourselves in our purest form.

A good method for recognizing hidden obstacles are often chronic physical problems. They may be an expression of an underlying emotional problem. Healing the underlying problem can help alleviate the physical symptoms.

At inner-journey we are able to remove even the most stubborn obstacles. Fears, traumas, anger, addictions or, for example, relationship problems can be transformed in a fantastic way into 'allies' that no longer cost us energy but give us strength, wisdom and energy.

Violent traumatic experiences can also be processed. After a traumatic experience, it may be that you are regularly attacked by emotions, fears, poor sleep and you find it difficult to talk about what happened. Together with our guidance you can process the event and find peace.

Because let's be honest… Everyone deserves that, right?

In order to fully surrender to the process, a reliable, safe and warm setting is very important. This is also guaranteed within our ceremonies! Highly experienced and certified Ayahuasquere, professional, expert and loving guidance with a solid background is guaranteed with us!

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