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Ayahuasca ceremony

How can I prepare?
By taking good care of yourself in the weeks before a ceremony. Live healthy, exercise enough, make sure you take moments to rest / go inside, for example through meditation. It is good to think about an intention. Why do you want to drink ayahuasca and what do you expect from it? What do you hope it brings you. It's good to look up things about ayahuasca, but try to let it go at some point. Try to enter the experience openly.
You will receive all information about the preparation, contra-medications and diet after you have registered.

How long does an Ayahuasca trip take?
This can vary considerably, but on average an ayahuasca trip takes 6-8 hours.

How many participants and supervisors are there per ceremony?
A maximum of 10-12 people participate in our ceremonies and there are always 2-4 supervisors present.

What is the difference between a 1.5 day and a 2.5 day ceremony?
The difference between a 1.5-day or 2.5-day is that people generally first book a 1.5-day ceremony as an introduction to the Ayahuasca and if they want to go a little deeper and work out more, they opt for a 2.5-day . Especially in the case of participants who have a bit more to deal with or who struggle with deep trauma, we often recommend booking a 2.5 day.

In principle there is no difference between 1.5 days or more days in terms of the functioning of the Ayahuasca, your own process, and the course of the ceremony. Even in a 1.5-day ceremony you can process and heal a lot. Some people prefer to do 1 session and take some time to process and integrate everything before moving on. Others like to have as many ceremonies in a row as possible. This is of course especially true for people who come from abroad. This is a personal choice, you are guided by your intuition, follow your feeling!

What does a ceremony look like?
Before the ceremony starts, we will briefly explain ayahuasca and the ceremony and there is the opportunity to ask questions. When the ceremony is opened with a prayer of thanks, we drink the ayahuasca and are asked to express your intention. The ceremonies are accompanied by music and we are present as supervisors to lovingly support you where necessary. We offer the ayahuasca in 2 rounds. It is not mandatory to drink twice. Ayahuasca itself indicates very well whether it is necessary to drink another round. We try to leave you in your own process as much as possible. If we notice that you could use some support, someone from the guidance will support you. An arm around you or a word of encouragement can be of immense value in your process. It is important to remember that an ayahuasca trip is never more than you can handle. After about 6 hours the ceremony will be concluded. Some participants are still traveling and are free to lie quietly in the ceremony room. Guidance will also be available after the ceremony.

Which plant combination do you work with?
We work with the Caapi and the Chacruna or with the Peganum Harmala (Syrian Rue) and the Mimosa Hostilis (Jurema). The Ayahuasca is prepared in a respectful way and from a ritual setting. This is necessary for effective operation. Everything is 100% natural. Not only the ingredients influence the experience during a ceremony. The energy of the maker, the setting and of course the team of supervisors are of absolute added value to the journey and the experience of Ayahuasca.

Is your setting shamanic?
We see working with plant medicines as shamanistic work, our working method is accessible to everyone. (spiritual but also very sober).
Of course there is a lot of room for the spiritual aspect and a lot of respect for the medicine from the Amazon region.
We don't call ourselves 'shamans' and this is what we don't want to propagate.
Our ceremonies are given from a therapeutic point of view. We have deliberately chosen this, also because we want to form a bridge between the regular therapeutic circuit and the healing effect of the plant.

Can I get into a “bad trip” through Ayahuasca?
No that is not possible. Ayahuasca will always give you what is most important for you at that moment to gain insight and/or to heal, but never more than you can handle at that moment. During your trip it can sometimes be intense, but then the guides are of course there for you to help you through it professionally and lovingly.

Can I end up in a psychosis by using Ayahuasca?
Yes, if you have a history of psychosis and/or there is a family history of psychosis. Sometimes it is possible for people who have ever had a psychosis to participate; but that depends on the cause of the psychosis(s). In all cases, please contact us first.

What do we take care of?
Food and drinks, clean beds, mattresses, duvet, blankets and a pillow. After the ceremony, fresh vegetarian food will be prepared in another room, here too you have plenty of time to rest, talk quietly and share experiences with other participants and supervisors.

What should I bring to the ceremony myself?
We ask you to bring the following with you: Towel, pen and paper (to write down your experiences after the session) and possibly. an instrument. But what we think is the most important is a personal memento that we place centrally during the ceremony as an attention and support during your trip. You can take this item home after the ceremony. (By the way, it is not mandatory to bring anything).

When am I registered for a ceremony or retreat?
You are only definitively registered for a ceremony or retreat when you have paid the deposit and returned the intake form. No deposit is no registration = not your place reserved

How is the accessibility of the location?
Free parking
Public transport - Station 2 km away

Where can I find the cancellation policy?
The cancellation policy is included in the General conditions

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