Why Is Trauma Healing Important

Sooner or later the bomb will explode

It's easy to agree that a "bad day" is different from "trauma", and that "trauma" is a term reserved for people who have experienced something very unusual.

Personal trauma can be the result of a shock, such as a disaster or accident, abuse, problems within a relationship, or negative interactions related to cultural, personal or community identity. It can be obvious from the outside, or private and secret.

Trauma can result from a single event or repeated, long-lasting, or chronic events. It can even be the result of situations that may not even seem "traumatic", such as embarrassment. That's why trauma happens to everyone in one way or another.

Its impact depends both on the circumstances of an event and the resilience of the person's nervous system at the time. Sometimes we are better able to process and release, and sometimes we are not.

Let's be honest. More than seven billion people live on Earth and they experience countless personal interactions, social and political conditions, and natural and global events every year.

Our ability to function in an increasingly complex world requires fine-tuned bodies, minds and spirits - and in the process of life, trauma is inevitable.

Our world is a world of great pain and suffering on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Almost everyone has suffered trauma in childhood, adolescence or adulthood.

Often those traumas are hidden deep in the subconscious from where they do their destructive work. Because even if you are no longer aware of those traumas as an adult, they do influence your behavior, your thoughts, your attitude to life and your relationship to the Spiritual Self or the Higher Self.

I have experienced that traumas greatly block the way to liberation. You have to imagine it energetically like this: the pain of the traumas and everything that has to do with it lies like a kind of dark veil in and around your energy field.

This fatigue comes from the subconscious, from suppressing loads and emotions.

I specialize in trauma healing and I regularly get people in my practice with traumas that they don't remember at all.

They do know that something is wrong and that many things are going wrong in their lives, such as difficulty in relationships, difficulty finding a job, being sick often, always tired, feeling sad, depressed, angry or powerless on a regular basis etc. .

When I start treating them, I sometimes encounter very serious traumas, such as sexual abuse at a very young age.