Breathing as medicine for body and mind

Trauma Release Breath allows you to get to the heart of the deep beliefs you have acquired over the course of your life quite easily. In doing so, the insights of modern psychology are used, as well as those of the Eastern sages and mystics.

The Trauma Release Breath clears impurities from the different layers of your being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When practicing it is important to open up to the radical idea that only the now exists. The past is gone forever.

The past does not exist. Only the 'here and now' exists. What we call our past are mere memories, yellowed photographs of what once was 'here and now. Those photos have no other meaning than the one we attribute to them. If you've been bitten by a tiger in the past, a photo of a tiger can potentially evoke fear. But you can never be bitten by a picture of a tiger.

Yet we often live as if the so-called past still exists. But for the present this is of no importance. We have become hypnotized by fear images associated with past memories or even interpretations of them. These memories that sit in our subconscious, because they were too threatening to face at the time, determine to a large extent our current life.

They are the source of all our fears and worries.

That is why it sometimes takes a lot of courage and effort to convince your subconscious of the inescapable truth that the past no longer exists.

Breathwork is characterized by consciously connected breathing, i.e. there are no pauses between inhalation and exhalation. The purpose of this is to develop free, natural breathing. Finding free, natural breathing means that you can experience and use your breath as a source of strength.

Blockages and tensions come to the surface and can dissolve: your soul is given space. Breathing is the most important bodily function because all other functions depend on it. Breathing is life, and natural breathing also increases the quality of life.

You can heal yourself by learning to breathe again