Breathe Like Medicine

Open your heart again and heal yourself


Releasing deep emotional wounds, trauma and sadness, increased energy, deeper ability to relax, overcome sleep problems, heal breathing problems, better detoxification of the body, purifies your blood and nervous system, releases toxins and trapped energy, more sensory perception, improved physical performance.

Mental / emotional:

Clarity of mind, improved thinking and memory, integration of traumatic experiences, emotional balance, greater ability to feel, release of old emotional baggage, increased self-confidence, deeper confidence in yourself and in life, recognizing and reversing fear, almost immediate reduction of tension, fear and uncertainty, deep inner peace


Improve intuition, more creativity, sense of purpose and belonging, more connection with the Self, others and your Creator.

The Trauma Release Breathwork is built around six steps. Each step is achieved through simple, very powerful techniques. You can continue to use this independently, so that your development can continue at home. All steps are actually always present in the different layers of your being.

1) Meditation
You discover the hidden mechanisms that determine how you experience your life. This opens the door to freedom. It is the state of rest that body and mind often long for.

2) Conscious breathing
The deeper you breathe and the more present you are in your body, the deeper you live. Your breath and body mirror how you live your life. By breathing intensively, moving and making sound, the body is activated to express and release emotions and feelings associated with old fearful situations. In this way it is possible to process old frustrations that sometimes have taken on a life of their own below the level of consciousness. This can be a painful moment but also joyful at the same time. You begin to awaken.

3) Conscious movement and touch
The body relaxes and becomes soft and more transparent, allowing the energy to flow better. This can give a feeling of a vibrant vitality that spreads all over the body. What 100 therapeutic conversations can't do, one Body-oriented session can sometimes do. You push your limits and let go of old fears.

4) Accompanying music
The effects of music have an amazing healing effect on our nervous system. Evocative music can evoke and promote specific aspects such as emotional or physical pain, aggression, strong feeling movements, expansion of one's own space. But also about feelings such as ecstasy, excitement, rapture, and so on. This can bring about not only psychosomatic liberation, but also transpersonal experiences.

5) Deep but gentle emotional release
Powerful emotional releases can occur during the Trauma Release Breath sessions and negative impressions from the past can be erased. “Divine downloads” or moments of deep insight and inspiration make the Trauma Release Breath experience truly unforgettable.

6) Brightness
The divine begins to flow through you. When you finally awaken and realize who or what you really are, the gate to your soul has been opened. Open your heart again and heal yourself