“The key to finding yourself is to lose yourself completely "

Who are we

Inner-journey was founded in 2010 by Sandra Lagerweij and is committed to offering various courses of the highest level. We are focused on training practitioners interested in gaining professional skills in body healing modalities.

Our focus is on working with structural integration, pain syndrome and trauma healing training. Inner-journey offers various Breathwork Training, Biodynamic Therapy & Breathwork, Trauma Release and Bodywork Training in Myofascial Release Therapy.

Inner-yourney's work is personalized to reflect the uniqueness of each individual, drawing on a range of models and techniques, including neurobiologically informed trauma therapy, polyvagal theory, internal family systems, structural dissociation model, depth psychology, somatic and attachment-focused approaches.

Our courses are not just limited to those who want to become professional practitioners, such as Body Workers and Massage Therapists, Yoga Students and Teachers, Psychologists/Psychotherapists, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists and other Body-Oriented Therapists, Psychotherapists, Physicians, Speech Therapists, Acupuncturists, Energy Healers, and Body Workers. But also for anyone who wants to invest in personal healing, growth and transformation.

What sets our learning program apart is our focus on mediation as an integrative tool to support personal growth and learning. Inner-journey Practitioner Certification Program is uniquely structured to guide students through their own trauma release and healing process, while gradually gaining the confidence, knowledge, and skills to maintain safe and supportive session space for clients while working with this modality.

This training supports all participants to deepen their understanding of and further professional skills to support others in releasing body trauma. Through personal experience you learn to catalyze others on their path of transformation and healing through this profound holistic modality.

What to expect:

• Deep transformation

• Lasting life changes

• Deep conditioning and dropping false beliefs

• Personal development

• Trauma delivery through the body, instead of mental processing

• Confidence

• Positive feeling

• To be reborn

• The best medicine in the world

• Long lasting solution for their chronic pains

• Absolutely wonderful, loving and humorous, I'll be back

• Appreciate their professionalism and knowledge, I learned so much

• If the whole world were touched like this, it would turn into love

• Coming home

Join us on a journey. A journey to the deepest core of yourself and discover who you really are. With love and respect we give you handles to be able to stand stronger in your shoes. Free yourself from the heavy burden you carried with you for the past few years. Discover who you really are!!