6 day training - process supervisor


Do you also want to guide people in their processes?

A 6-day training in which you will gain a wealth of knowledge and experience that you can use for your own personal development and growth, for trauma processing and to supervise individual coaching, ceremonies or group sessions.

Our professional Inner-journey team will provide you with all knowledge, experience, guidance, practice, methodologies and materials. You will learn everything about how to safely give a ceremony (Ayahuasca, Magic Truffles, Sacred Rapé, San Pedro, Sananga, Moxa, Sacred Cacao, Choco Bliss).

In this week there will be 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies. You will also experience a Psilocybin journey, Sacred Choco Bliss, multiple Breathwork therapies, meditation techniques, yoga, voice liberation, timeline walking and bodywork.

Trauma Release with Ayahuasca, Magic Truffles or Sacred Cacao, Choco Bliss, San Pedro, Rapé, Sananga, goes beyond the average therapy, goes deeper than meditation.

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.
Who looks inside awakens.
~ C.G. Jung ~

You will also learn everything about 'how to safely organize a ceremony'. What is involved… From the intake, contraindication, dietary requirements, to integration.

You will learn everything about the healing herbs: Kratom, dream herbs, various medicinal mushrooms, teas, but also the types of Sacred Rapé (which you can and cannot be used in combination with other herbs or plants).

You get the recipes of various Ayahuasca, combinations with Psilocybin, Sacred 3Th EYE Cacao and Kundalini Cacao, Choco Bliss, combinations Sacred Rapé, San-Pedro, Sananga, effect Moxa and Sound-Healing.

In addition, you will receive various tools, including a folder with teaching material.

The training demands quite a bit from you in terms of time, money and commitment.

We do not provide standard training. We train super-motivated people who we teach all aspects of the bodywork, herbal and plant healing with which Inner-journey works.

You will also receive all the working methods, music and materials that we have collected and tested in recent years, so that you can fully get started with them yourself.

We will also discuss all scenarios that you may encounter during a ceremony such as:
*People may become anxious while using it.
*Fears can cause panic.
*Unprocessed traumas from the past surface and if not properly managed, it can cause emotional damage.
*People can become unwell or pass out during a ceremony

Working as a Process Supervisor is also a deep confrontation with yourself.

After completing this training you will have therapeutic skills to guide or organize Ayahuasca / Psychedelica Magic Truffle / Sacred Cocoa / Breathwork ceremonies.

**You will receive a certificate of participation**

Inner-journey is a recognized institute

With this certificate you are also authorized to accompany inner-journey Ayahuasca, Magic Truffles, Cacao ceremonies.



• You experience what the power of Breathwork, Ayahuasca, Magic Truffles and Sacred Cacao does to you

• You learn what it can mean physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

• You learn to analyze breathing patterns from a holistic view

• You learn how to guide safely and responsibly

• You will be introduced to various healing plants, herbs, breathing techniques

• You get information about healing plants and herbs, including recipes

• You learn to receive and guide various therapies

• Basics of somatic experiencing (body-oriented trauma delivery) including completion of interrupted Fight/Flight or 'Freezing' response

• Core Tension Release Exercises (CTRE) & (BRTT) Body Remembers Trauma Therapy

• Therapeutic use of sound, music, dance and conscious movement

• Guided meditation techniques to support integration

• Client / practitioner code of ethics

• Session contraindication

Transform from fear to freedom
During this 6 days you will learn the power of vulnerability, joy, relief and freedom that you can gain by facing and feeling your own vulnerability.

Allow us to support you, hold you and create a safe space of authenticity, where we can cry, laugh, scream. Where we dare to see or let go of our anger, pain, fear, shame and our beauty in absolute safety, so that you can pass it on to others.

Experience what real emotional support feels like and how to feel fully seen and heard. You weren't supposed to have to deal with trauma all by yourself! Well-trained guides go through your deepest valleys with you and help you get back on the sidelines.

After you have passed the training, you are (if you want to) affiliated with the Inner-journey organization, receive a certificate and have permission to use the logo on your website and social media expressions. Of course you also fall under the integrity code that we follow and you have to adhere to it. Based on my experience within Inner-journey and Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent.

There is no financial obligation if you use the Inner-journey logo, you only indicate that you have been trained and use the integrity and coordination that we hold dear.

Price includes training, study material, overnight stay in the ceremony room, food & drinks and of course a certificate € 2195,-.

Location Haarlem

Monday from 12.00 to Saturday 12.00

ATTENTION: REGISTRATION ONLY VALID AFTER A DEPOSIT OF € 450,- (this must be paid within 2 weeks after registration). We will send you a little bit and a copy of the deposit, so that your registration is confirmed.

There is a huge amount of interest in this training, and a limited number of places. Therefore pay in time so that your place is reserved.

Subject to change
All information in this brochure is provisional and subject to change.

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